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I agree with some of this. A job search can be all those positive things mentioned. However, even if you approach your job search positively, it doesn't mean your job search will be a good experience taking you closer to your "real" goals for your career. It's insensitive to paint that one-sided picture. You do mention the setbacks and disappointments. What is wrong with that is the idea that, in other words, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," or more knowledgeable, or brings you closer to knowing who you are and what you want. This isn't necessarily true. On your 100th rejection, all you may learn is that now you have 100 instead of 99.

The toll a job search can take in terms of the rejections, the stress, the hopelessness, the depression, the self-doubt and so on that creep closer to us in a prolonged job search is not a good thing. Can we survive it? Maybe. Is it good for us? I don't think everyone would say "yes" to this. Moreover, not everyone can afford to figure out and then chase their dream job. Sometimes they have to take the most available job out of necessity. People do have to pay bills, after all. A job search can be a devastating experience, however positive we try to make it. Please acknowledge this for the sake of your readers. A little empathy would go a long way in admitting that making the job search a good thing is not always something under our control.

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