The Art of Finding Work

Finding work has not gotten harder; it just requires new strategies.


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I am a self-confessed job hopper, a nomad on the anxious, bubbling corporate scene. I cannot pinpoint where my wanderlust comes from; however, I romantically attribute much of it to my father having been Romanian; thus, the Romanian gypsy blood in my veins gives me the itch that I can never seem to scratch to change workplace scenery constantly. Hence, through repeated experience, I became an expert at job searching.

With layoffs happening daily, seeking job search advice without artificial ingredients or sweeteners — job search advice that is applicable to the real world, how employers actually hire — is more sought out than ever. The Art of Finding Work delivers the tough truths about job searching and how to present oneself to employers as a candidate they will likely say "Yes!" to. 

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— Nick Kossovan

“Being pragmatic is not surrender. Being pragmatic is not cynicism. Being pragmatic is not selling out. In truth, being pragmatic is often the only real path to progress in an uncertain, complicated world.” ― Tom C.W. Lin, Jack E. Feinberg Chair Professor of Law at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law.

Grateful thanks are always appreciated, to which I always say, “You’re welcome!”  

Nick Kossovan, a well-seasoned veteran of the corporate landscape, offers “unsweetened” job search advice. You can send Nick your questions to

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Job search advice that is pragmatic and unsweetened. If you are looking for the usual cookie-cutter job search advice, you have come to the wrong place. WARNING: This newsletter will change your job search results.


Nick Kossovan, a well-seasoned veteran of the corporate landscape, offers pragmatic and unsweetened job search advice that appears in newspapers and online news outlets across Canada.