20 Questions That Can Change Your Perspective and Your Life.

  1. Who brings out the best in you? Can you schedule more time with them?

  2. If you keep your current habits for 5 more years, will your life be better or worse?

  3. What advice would your future self give you right now?

  4. Which areas of your life would benefit from setting stronger boundaries?

  5. Are your actions aligned with what you want or just what others expect?

  6. What do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

  7. Who do you owe an apology? Can you do it today?

  8. What would your ideal week look like, and how could you start creating it?

  9. What truth about yourself are you denying?

  10. What part of your life needs to change, and why haven't you done it yet?

  11. What can you do to improve by 1% today?

  12. What's getting too much attention from you? What's not getting enough?

  13. What current habit is stopping you from making progress?

  14. What would you change about your life if you were guaranteed success?

  15. What's the bravest thing you could do today?

  16. What's something you love that you've given up? Can you start again?

  17. If your life was a book, what would you want the one-page summary to say?

  18. What are you willing to struggle for because it's worth it?

  19. What was the best day this month? Can you plan more days like it?

  20. What action can you take in the next 5 minutes that you'll be proud of?